Thursday, 3 May 2012

Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Review~

Hello everyone ! Are you all having a good week ? 

Over the summer I had teal hair which I loved but I was super busy all the time so I didn't have time to maintain it properly and in the end I decided to dye it back to black  Now that I've got a lot more time to relax I've been playing with the idea of dying my hair some fun colours again ! On friday I purchased some Colour B4, 2 boxesd of Jerome Russel bleach, an Umberto Giannini hair mask, 2 pots of Directions Alpine Green hair dye and 1 pot of Directions Lavender.

I used to dye my hair a LOT when I was younger (my hair has been literally every colour possible) so it's never really been in the best condition, even though I've been dying it black for a good few years now. So, I'm giving my hair AT LEAST one week between each stage of colour stripping, bleaching and dying, so in this review I'll just be using Colour B4 :3

Okay so this is my hair before I started. As you can see my hair is black, really long and REALLY thick. Normally when I dye my hair I will easily use 2 bottles of black dye but I only bought 1 pack of Colour B4.


This is what I used, and this is what you get in the pack. I bought mine from Boots and it cost me about £5 which I thought was extremely reasonable since normally when you buy bleaching kits they will set you back anywhere between £10-£15.

I will say now that because Colour B4 contains no bleach or ammonia (which is obviously a bonus) you will need to set aside a good few HOURS to be able to use this product. I started the application at about 11.45am and I managed to get completely done at 13.30pm. There are a lot of steps to follow and you really do have to follow them closely but the instructions are really straight forward and not complicated at all. The first step is easy enough - mix together the colour remover and the activiator and apply it evenly all over your hair. The instructions say you should leave Colour B4 on your hair for 30 minutes for shorter hair and at least 60 minutes for longer hair. Colour B4 works by shrinking the dye molecules in your hair so that you can wash them out during the final buffer stage of the process. To be able to do this, your hair must be kept at least warm at all times. In the instructions it suggests wrapping your hair up in clingfilm (or I suppose you could also use foil) and this really is a good tip. Due to my years of bleaching disasters, I know how important it is to ensure that you do keep as much heat on your hair as possible during the development process so to help this I also found the thickest hat I have and wore that for the whole time with all my hair tucked up inside it, wrapped up in clingfilm. Something else to bear in mind is that your roots will always develop faster than the rest of your hair because of the heat from your head. As with all kinds of bleaching, you may want to coat your ends first, leaving your roots, and then after about 10-15 minutes add the rest of the mixture to your roots. However, while this is something I will always always do with bleaching, I didn't use this technique with Colour B4.

Even though I usually would use 2 bottles of black dye on my hair, one pack easily covered all of my hair. Another thing I will say is that this stuff smells absolutely awful - pretty much just like bad eggs - so make sure you're sitting in a well ventilated room. Once you've left it on your hair to develop for however long you need for your hair length, the next stage is to wash it all out and use the buffer. The buffer is what actually removes the shrunken colour molecules from your hair so this stage is really important. There's a LOT of rinsing involved and you have to apply two different lots of buffer which you need to leave in for at least 10 minutes at a time so I found it was helpful to just get in the shower instead of just rinsing my hair over the bath like I would normally do (you would end up with a really sore neck - the whole rinsing and buffering process takes about 30 minutes) Also, the buffer smells MUCH nicer than the first mixture, it smells like apples !

So, after rinsing and drying my hair, this is the final result. I would also like to point out that my camera made my hair look a lot darker, it's actually a light chestnut brown. While it's not actually my original hair colour, it has done a really good job of stripping all of the black dye from my hair - especially when you consider that Colour B4 contains no bleach or ammonia. My hair is also in REALLY good condition, it isn't dry at all and I had almost no hair loss. While I will probably lighten my hair slightly more with bleach next week, I was really impressed with the results. I would definatly recommend Colour B4 if you're planning on lightening your hair - it's so much easier than the stress of bleaching, and your hair will won't be ready to fall out by the end of it. It's also really good value and apart from the long processing time I really couldn't fault this at all.

In other news, I visited a car boot sale on Sunday and also a cute gift shop in China Town, so I've got lots of cute exciting things to show you on my next update ! xo

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