Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hello ~☆

Hello ! I decided to start a new blog for the new year ! My old one was completely cluttered with all kinds of stuff.. I spent a lot of last year jumping between different styles and interests so the whole thing became a big blur of craziness. I'm using this new blog to concentrate on art progress posts, lolita things and personal lifestyle posts. You can also find me at :

I'm currently in the process of moving house so I don't think I'm going to have much time to update in the next month or so. I am, however, going to Hyper Japan next Thursday - a week today (*^0^*)~☆ ! - and I am super stoked about that so I think I will definitely be able to find time to write a big post about that. We'll also be attending London Super ComicCon the same weekend so if anyone will be around at either events then let me know !

So, here's a quick introduction ! (with a profile meme borrowed from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's book !)

Ideal type: Someone who can deal with how strange I am. 
Favourite place: Museums, galleries, haunted houses, abandoned buildings, anywhere by the sea.
Birthday: July 14th
Astrological sign: Cancer
When I’m happiest: Surrounded by things that intrigue and interest me.
Favourite word: Aurora Borealis.
Favourite manga: Usagi Drop
Hobbies: art & crafts, collecting things, playing survival horrors, dressing up, baking, reading about everything, urban exploration, experimenting with hair & makeup, reading comic books.
The thing I want most: ALL the dresses !!
Favourite book: Invisible Monsters, Alice in Wonderland, His Dark Materials, Sophie's World, non-fiction things.
Favourite foods: STRAWBERRIES ! Sweeties, cakes, pizza.. I have a really bad sweet tooth.
Foods I can’t stand: Fish and caramel custard flan (this was really hard for me to fill out, I basically like all food !)
Something that I always keep in mind: Ideas for new art projects !
Music I like: RIOTGRRRL, EMB, industrial, electronica and 90's pop.
Favourite season: Spring and Summer.
A habit of mine: changing my appearance and sleeping far too much.
My favourite animal: BUGS AND INSECTS <3 jellyfish, panda bears, deer, bunnies and things that live in the sea.
My make-up obsession: Fake freckles ! Especially in pink. And glitter.
My fashion obsession: Finding a balance between the sweet and the macabre. I am also into classic & gothic lolita, guro-loli, bubblegoth, black forest mori and general industrial styles.
An animal I can’t stand: I like all animals !
My favourite movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Shining, The Labyrinth, The Silence of the Lambs, Studio Ghibli, Disney movies, general animation, horror, thrillers and dramas !
My favourite colour: Baby pink, dusty pink, white, rose pinks and black.
If I were on a deserted island, I would bring…: A big pile of art supplies and my ipod (and probably a parasol). 

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