Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cyber Candy Fun & E3 Excitement !

Happy June everyone !  How have you spent it so far ? Our short-lived hot weather has been replaced by the usual drizzly, overcast weather but if I'm honest.. I can't say I mind ! I miss it if it goes away for too long  I'm a pretty homely person so spending a day cuddled up drinking tea, drawing or playing something or crafting while it rains outside is my idea of a good day (although I did enjoy the sun while it was here). Because sitting inside drinking tea and eating lots of sweeties is a favourite passtime of mine, I thought that it would be fun to try some new food I've never had chance to before. My local Asian supermarket stocks all the usual - strawberry Pocky, Hello Panda, lychee bubble tea mix, White Rabbits, etc but nothing super exciting that I haven't already tried a million times ! So, I ordered a big haul of yummy candy from Cyber Candy ! Here's what I got~

Strawberry Caplico Sticks and Mixed Berry Cheesecake Collon.. yum !

Strawberry Yan Yan and my favourite Pocky flavour.. Lychee (with lychee flakes !)
And these kind of creepy looking Hello Kitty marshmallow lollipops.. I couldn't help myself !

Cyber Candy is BRILLIANT if you want to try something different from what your regular supermarket has to offer. I don't know about you but where I live everything comes in three default flavours - banana, strawberry and chocolate - and it's boring ! As much as I love anything strawberry flavoured, I'm a glutton for anything lychee, peach, green tea or cheesecake flavoured. Cyber Candy has so much variety, there's no way you wouldn't find something new to enjoy. Everything is also very reasonably priced. Once everything arrives I'll be sure to post some photos for you guys ! (I know it would maybe have made more sense to just write a post then, but I'm super excited !) I might also be including some of these products in an upcoming giveaway I have in mind, hummm 

Also, as I'm sure you all know, it's the E3 Expo  ! I missed the live Sony Press Conference feed because I was at a close friends wedding (which was absolutely beautiful, I have a separate post to write about it ^ ^) but I re-watched it this morning and if any of you follow me on Twitter - @amylestrange if you don't ! - then I'm sure you will have been subjected to my excitement. I have to say the Sony Press Conference was my favourite and the one I was most excited about, but then I'm biased. There are so many upcoming games that I can't wait to play ! My blog is going to be brimming with games reviews for the rest of the year    Here's some I'm especially excited about, most of which were included in various conferences;


So a few ! What games are you most excited to play ? Watching the Sony conference has also settled my mind on which console I want to invest in next - definately a PS Vita ! Mike bought one a few months back now and I've been playing Touch My Katamari, which is super fun ! However, with games like Gravity Rush and Assassins Creed 3: Liberation on the way then I definitely think it's time to invest in one of my own.. and of course crack out the deco tools to make some cute cases !

I have a lot of really fun posts planned for this month, so I'll hopefully be updating a lot more frequently over the coming weeks (although I am still quite busy preparing for college). Until then I'm going to sit by my front door and wait for all my candy treasures to arrive !

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