Sunday, 13 April 2014

30 Day Lolita Challenge : Day 5 aka GIANT wishlist post !

Hello, everyone ! 

I realised when I was writing this post that I've never done a full wishlist post here, or anywhere online ! I know a lot of lolitas have a folder on their facebook page where they keep pictures of all their dream items, or do a post on their tumblrs, but I never have. So, I decided to do a much more concise wishlist - which is also why it took me this long to upload this entry ! This way, I feel as though this is a more accurate portrayal of my current wishlist instead of just 10 items from it. I'm going to refer back to this post every time I manage to tick an item off my list 

1. Angelic Pretty

Holy Night Story JSK in white / Aqua Princess JSK in 
black / Cinema Doll JSK in ivory

Puppet Circus OP in black / Marshmallow Bunny JSK in 
pink / Milky Chan OP in white

Wonder Party JSK in white / Wonder story JSKin red

2. Baby the Stars Shine Bright

My Sweet Mate Kumya's Trick or Treat Judy
JSK in Candy / Kuma Kumya-Chan's Sweet Chocolate JSK in pink / My Sweet Mate
 Kumya's Honey Hunt (forever dream dress ; 3; )

Circus Print Tutu JSK / Creamy Soda Pop JSK in white /
Heart Marbled Chocolate JSK in pink

Ribbon Milky Sugar OP in pink / Traumerei of

Bright Stars JSK in red

3. Alice and the Pirates

Marini OP in navy / Queen's Coach II JSK in Ivory / 
Alice's Tear Bottle JSK in white

4. Innocent World

Lotta JSK in Nordic Blue / Flared Ladder Lace OP in black /

Museum Bear JSK in ivory

Rabbit Letters JSK in Wine/Bordeaux 

5. Victorian Maiden/Juliette et Justine/
Metamorphose temps de Fille/Mary Magdalene


6. Knit & Outerwear 

BTSSB White Capeline / BTSSB Teddy Ribbon Jacket
in pink or black

Angelic Pretty Milky Chan coat in Cream /
Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny cape in pink 

DreamV Ribbon Coat in white / DreamV ruffle cardigan
in pink

7. Blouses & Skirts

Angelic Pretty Love Heart Blouse in mint and pink / Angelic
Pretty Odekake Heart Ribbon Blouse in black

Angelic Pretty Lace Jabot Blouse in Lilac /
Angelic Pretty Embroidered Sailor Blouse in white x pink

8. Bags

Vivienne Westwood Chancery Heart Bag in black / BTSSB
Sugar Bouquet Boston Bag in white / BTSSB Alice's
Clock Bag in black

Angelic Pretty Going Out Heart Bag in pink / Angelic
Pretty Lyrical Bunny Bag in white / Angelic Pretty Dreaming
Chick-Chan Bag

Angelic Pretty Candy Pop bag in white x pink

9. Shoes

Angelic Pretty Fur Ankle Boots in pink / Angelic Pretty Teaparty
Shoes in red / Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream shoes in lilac

DreamV Triple Ribbon shoes in pink / Bodyline
Spiked Rocking Horse Shoes in black

10. Novelties

Angelic Pretty Decoration Pony Pillow

 Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Playing Cards
(Image from Kuramew)

Wow, that took me forever ! But at least now I finally have a more organised wishlist online somewhere that I can check back on whenever I'm saving for a new purchase. I know there's a few things on here that it's probably going to take me a while to track down or even save up for, I'm looking forward to the day I can finally add these items to my collection.

Next Challenge : 10 Things You Can't Live Without in Lolita


  1. Seriously in love with the Milky Chan OP! Perfect wishlist <3

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. It's really gorgeous isn't it ! I always see people coordinating it beautifully as well which I think makes me want it more haha xo