Friday, 9 March 2012

Back From My London Adventures ~

Hello bunnies ! I'm home from my trip to the capital to attend this years Hyper Japan expo. I actually got home on Monday, but I tried to write this post TWICE on my phone and both times it got deleted, gah ! Hopefully this time will be more successful :3 Anyway, I had an absolutely fantastic time and I would defiantly recommend visiting even if you have little or know knowledge of Japanese culture. You would learn so much, and I bet you would be in love with it by the end of the day ! We actually only went on the Friday so it was a little bit empty and not all the stalls were open but it was fantastic nonetheless. My highlight of the day (aside from visiting the Baby The Stars Shine Bright pop-up store and touching all their beautiful things (/ * A*)/ ) was getting to see Rupert Faulkner of the V&A in London give a presentation about their new upcoming exhibition titled Kitty and the Bulldog which will be all about lolita fashion and it's British influences ! It starts in April and I am just so excited, I will defiantly be taking a trip back to London for this ! I especially loved hearing what one of my biggest lolita idols Pixie Late aka Tania had to say about the exhibition (I believe she helped organise some of it, along with the fashion side of HJ itself).

 Photo from Pixie-Late's blog

Obviously there was a million other things to see while we were there and we spent literally the whole entire day fawning over everything. Getting to try lots of different sushi and sake in the Sushi and Sake Awards was defiantly the next best thing that we got to do ! Everything was so delicious and picking my favourite kind of sushi was really difficult (I LOVE sushi and it was all so good !) but in the end I decided to vote for a sweet variety which had a filling of strawberries and popping candy hidden in the rice ! Such a fun and original idea, and it was beautiful.

Here's some little bits I picked up while we were there ! We visited Camden Market on Saturday morning and that was an amazing experience in itself ! Unfortunately, we were so busy running around and looking at things that I actually didn't take any photos haha =____=' which is a shame because I don't think I can do Camden justice with just words, you'd really have to visit to experience it properly. It's a big exciting hub of all kinds of inspiring people, amazing food stalls, beautiful shops and a fantastic atmosphere. Of course, we went to the Cyberdog shop which was just amazing ! Here's a video I found of it on YouTube so you can get a bit of a feel of what it's like -

(Sorry that I couldn't find a better quality video.. As the description on YouTube says, you aren't allowed to film or take photos in the stores itself so it's hard to film a high quality video without getting caught !) I've heard so many people talking about the Camden Cyberdog store, I was so glad we finally got to go and see it for ourselves ! There's lots of really cute shops too, I found one that was absolutely overflowing with all things Sanrio, San-X and Ghibli and also a lot of shops that sell things perfect for mori-girl outfits ! The rest of the weekend we spent doing a bit of sightseeing (I've actually never visited London before ! I will definitely be coming back though !) and some shopping, and also meeting up with my dear friend Zoe, who moved to London about 4 years ago now ? So I don't get to see her very often anymore but when I do it's always amazing ! She gave me this amazing gift as well ! I love her <333

All in all, Hyper Japan and London itself was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to go back in April to see the V&A exhibition. Hopefully I'll see some familiar faces there too !

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