Saturday, 17 March 2012

Shopping Adventure !

I've been really really busy lately and I feel like I haven't had much time to myself to relax and having a shopping day. I'm okay with the fact that I'm really materialistic - and when I haven't been able to go shopping for a while it really gets me down ! So getting to go on a little shopping trip always cheers me up. Today is my boyfriend's birthday, so I also went on a hunt for some presents for him, too. I love buying things for other people ! He's away until tomorrow night but I'm really excited to give him the presents I found him (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ Here's a look at what I found during my day shopping !~

Pretty much everything I bought is from H&M. I love love love H&M, I buy almost all of my clothes from there. They're affordable and they have some really unique stuff that you wouldn't find in other shops. I also love that when they have sales, they don't just fill them with stuff nobody would want to buy; they have loads of good stuff in them ! I found these two dresses in there, one with lace panelling and little sleeves which is a really nice casual day-dress (it's also REALLY flattering !) and one super lovely bunny-print dress (。♥‿♥。) I love anything rabbit related ! It's made from really nice stretchy material and has full sleeves, I love it. With Easter coming up I think it will be perfect !

Two lacey tops ! These were both in the sale, the purple one was only £3 and the bralet was £7. I fell in love with the bralet as soon as I saw it but it was a size too small - however H&M sizes are a quite generous, and I only have little boobs so I managed to fit, so I'm glad I decided to buy it ! It's absolutely beautiful, it's really floaty and the back hangs in a really gorgeous way, almost like the back of a bustle skirt. I can't wait to wear it !

I also picked up this pack of fake eyelashes ! They were in the sale reduced to £3 ! Such a bargain. I'm really excited to try them all out, I'll probably do a little review sometime in the week when I have some time to play with makeup (•ᴗ•)

Other cute bits and pieces: leather hairbows (I'm not really keen on the other slides that came in this pack but the bows were too lovely to leave behind !), a doughnut bun thing so I can finally perfect my hairbuns, and this adorable fluffy ring ! It reminded me of a bunny tail so I plan to wear it with my rabbit dress.

I also picked up some new makeup - Studio Fix liquid foundation by MAC and some glitter dust by Barry M. MAC's Studio Fix is absolutely the most perfect foundation I've tried - and I've tried a LOT. I have a really hard time finding foundation that matches my skin tone exactly because I'm so pale and this one is an exact match ! I also use MAC's Mineralize powder over the top of my foundation and the same can be said for that - it's perfect and matches my skin AND it doesn't wear off throughout the day. If you're looking for a new foundation I would definatly suggest these. I can't sing their praises enough ! The glitter dust by Barry M is something I've wanted to try for ages and I was really torn between buying a silver glitter one or the black one and in the end I settled for black - but I have to say I'm a little bit disappointedI had a bit of a play with it last night and it wasn't nearly as glittery when I put it on as I'd hoped it would be. It was also REALLY messy and wetting my brush before applying to try and make it easier to use was a bad idea - it caused it all to clump together and be really unmanagable. I'm going to watch some YouTube tutorials/reviews though and play with it a bit more before I make my mind up completely ! So I'll give you guys an update soon (•ᴗ•)

And lastly, some new Clinique. Something I've been meaning to write about lately is that I'm on something of a quest to find the perfect skincare products. I got diagnosed last year with PCOS and since then I've had a lot of problems with my skin. Before I developed PCOS, I had a normal skin-type which was easy to look after and hardly gave me any problems, even when I was a teenager, and I would only really get breakouts due to hormones or stress. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Because my hormones have gone haywire, my skin is now a real hassle to look after. I feel like a gross teenager who's never heard of facewash ! I get spots which stick around for weeks but my skin isn't oily at all (even in the t-zones !). This is a huge problem because 99% of blemish-combating products are aimed at people with an oily/combinational skin-type, which I don't have. So, basically, I've been trying and testing a lot of different skincare products to see which ones are effective for me. Recently I've been using Clinque's skincare range, which has been really brilliant. I've had less breakouts and my skin does feel a lot better. However, it's not exactly ~perfect~ ! I've been using their liquid soap and toner from their 3-Step skincare range, but I've now added their daily moisturiser to my routine as well. I'll be frequently posting on how things are going skincare-wise and also if I add or change any products in my daily routine (•ᴗ•) Hopefully if there's anyone who finds they have similar problems to me then this will be helpful !

So, that's what I picked up on my mini shopping outing, excluding the presents I bought for the boy ! I don't want him stumbling across them on my blog before I've even given them to him ! But they're pretty awesome, so maybe I can do a quick post tomorrow when he's seen them. For now, I'm going to spend the rest of the evening working on my Mori Girl crochet items and being lazy. Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday !

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