Monday, 16 April 2012

M.I.A : Moving House, Crochet things & Survival Horror !

Hello everyone  Sorry I've been missing in action lately ! I recently moved house so I'm no longer living at home, and I've been crazy busy for the past couple of weeks. I've just about finished unpacking every into my new bedroom  There are still a few little bits and pieces I need to go out and buy before I feel that everything is ~completely~ finished but when I've done that I'll post some photos. Everything is very pink and cute, my boyfriend decided that my bedroom is "a testament to my life as an eternal eight year old" haha. I've moved into the city now, which is so much better than where I was living before. It also means I can eat out all the time in amazing places like a delicious local Japanese place ~

I love miso soup ! 

Other than that I've just really been enjoying having a lot more free time to myself to be able to get more art and crochet done.. I've been working on some crochet surgical masks lately and I plan to do some embroidery on them as well, which was inspire by this awesome picture of an adorable mori-kei couple I found on my Tumblr dash the other day :

I adore both of their outfits ! The teddy bear rucksack is amazing   Speaking of mori-esque things, thank you guys so much for the response to my black forest mori post ! I've been inspired by this to write another, much longer and more detailed post about two other dark versions of popular styles - a dark dolly kei inspired by the more Romanian/bohemian aspects of the style, and also bittersweet lolita which is absolutely one of my favourite things at the moment ! So I promise I will start working on that really soon  

Lastly, I also finally got a copy of Silent Hill Downpour ! I'm SO excited to play it !! Once I'm done writing this I'm going to spend the rest of the day playing it in bed and being terrified   I'll post a review once I'm done. Until then, I'm off to fight monsters !

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