Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hello everyone ! It's been far too long since I last updated here. College, work and life in general is eating up lots of my free time at the moment, but one of the main reasons things have been quite over here is because I've been contemplating moving to another blogging site, and I'm having a lot of difficulty deciding which one ! So, just to keep you guys updated, I do have new posts planned and hopefully will get back into the swing of things soon ! 

Another big reason I haven't posted much is my tv which I rely on to run all my consoles through completely died half way through last month, which means all the games I had lined up to play and review (including Dishonored  which I've been waiting for forever now) are sitting unplayed on my shelf ;______; happily though, I've now got a new and working tv so things should be back to gaming normality soon.

I love you all for your understanding and I'm still overwhelmed and thankful for the interest shown here on a daily basis. You guys are awesome !

Love, Amy Lestrange


  1. Don't leave! Hardly any UK bloggers on here, would be a shame :C
    and don't worry about updating, life stuff is more important. I think i came across your blog randomly a while ago so don't think we've spoken yet :'3


    1. Aww thank you sweetheart ♥ I don't thinkkkk I'll be leaving Blogger, it does have a really nice circle of UK bloggers/lolitas/etc so it would be a shame, you're right. I think really what's needed is a nice big layout change n____n