Wednesday, 12 March 2014

30 Day Lolita Challenge : Day 3

Hello, everyone ! 

Today's lolita challenge question was so difficult I almost couldn't think of 10 things to write down ! I really, really struggled just simply because there is virtually nothing I dislike, let alone hate, about lolita ! In the end I felt all the things that I did write down where a bit petty haha. Also, this one is a bit text heavy, so I apologize if it's a bit of a chore to read.

Let's begin - day 3 of the 30 Day Lolita Challenge : 10 Things You Hate in Lolita

1. First off, I hate living in student accommodation and trying to find space for my collection ! There's very little storage space here which means I've had to really cut down on the pieces I've been able to bring with me. I can't wait to move into a real house over the summer and have lots of room to put my coords together and showcase all my favourite pieces !

2. Of course - and we all knew this was going to come up - I hugely dislike the "bad connotations" which come along with lolita. I think this is actually a very sensitive subject, and probably the one myself and other lolitas feel most strongly about. Lots of people are under the impression, incorrectly, that the fashion has something to do with age play. Of course, to anybody who happens to be interested in age play (lolita-wearer or otherwise) or anything related, I'm not out to shame you ! However, I think it's just something that we have to explain away so often it's a pretty big peeve. I usually avoid even using the name "lolita" whenever anyone unfamiliar with the fashion asks me about what I'm wearing, because that just opens up a whole new world of awkward questions.

Angelic Pretty hasn't really been doing anyone
any favours lately, it seems (although those wrist cuffs
are adorable)

3. I'm super sorry if anyone loves this dress, but I absolutely detest Meta's Leopard Heart print. I guess maybe it could be successfully worked into a punk coord, but it just really doesn't appeal to me whatsoever, but then I'm not a big fan of leopard print. I'm afraid I'm of the opinion that it has no place in lolita fashion !

4. I really hate the vast majority of the stock photos on brand websites. A lot of the time I think they make the dresses look like they're an odd cut, or just generally don't do them justice whatsoever. I suppose this can't be helped - looking at a dress over the internet will be nothing like looking at all the wonderful details in real life - but there's been more than one occasion where I've been put off buying a dress from the brand's site because the stock photos have been terrible, only to see someone wear it in real life and fall in love with it !

5. I guess I'm really clutching at straws here but I hate wearing lolita on windy days ! Especially if I'm wearing a wig, I end up with hair all over the place, and a million layers to try and control. England in general is not a great place for wearing lolita, especially in the winter time, it near enough is always windy and rainy and no matter how long you spend getting ready, going out in these sorts of conditions will always result in your hair/wig being an unmanageable tangle and your beautifully applied make-up all over your face.

6. While it's wonderful that the online community has given me endless opportunity to meet other lolitas from all over the world, a lot of the time I hate that I can't meet them all in person, attend all the faraway meet ups that I want to and visit the friends that I have in other countries. 

7. I really hate pages (although admittedly they aren't always negative) such as Behind the Bows and Lolita Confessions. I see a lot of lolitas who are big in the online community such as Peachie and Lor get messages over and over again from people who are interested in starting out in lolita but are worried that the girls in their local comm will be horrid to them because of things they've seen online. I've never had any negativity from any lolita I've ever met, be it online or in real life, and it's really upsetting to think that there are people being put off wearing the fashion because of people on the internet with nothing nice to say, who do not represent any of the lovely, wonderful people I have met.

8. I hate, hate, hate customs fees ! They are honestly the worst. Whenever I find an item that I want at a bargain price on the comm sales or Closet Child or anywhere else that ships from outside of the UK, I always get hit with a giant customs charge. This often completely cancels out any savings I have made on the item, or makes it so that I actually ended up paying more than usual for it ! I ordered a few packages the other month, and each of them got additional charges added to them once they went through UK customs - I ended up paying almost £60 just in charges alone ! I was not happy at all, to say the least.

9. While I love compiling wishlists of dresses or other pieces that I would really love to one day own, I often hate when they crop up on sales pages when I can't afford to buy them. It almost goes without saying that when I have money in my bank account, these pieces will be nowhere to be found !

 Two dresses that cropped up on the comm sales recently -
right when I can't afford either of them 

10. Finally, I hate the idea that just because lolita has basic rules to be adhered to (very easily, in fact !) people think it's too difficult or restrictive of a fashion to become involved in. I see girls at cons, on Tumblr and here on their personal blogs all the time really pushing for exciting new ways to wear lolita whilst still keeping it within the guidelines of the fashion. I think it's important to remember that that's all the "rules" are anyway - guidelines - and that there is really no restriction on how creative you want to be with your coordinates 

So, I really struggled with that haha. I think that's gonna be the hardest question in the whole challenge. What do you hate about the fashion you are most interested in ? Is there anything or, like me, do you just love it all ?

Next Challenge : 10 Different Foods You Like.

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