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30 Day Lolita Challenge : Day 2

Hello everyone !

I missed two days of the Lolita Challenge because I spent all weekend at the launch of a project myself and two fellow artists have been working on for the past 18 months : the Queen of the Track zine ! Of course, we launched it on International Women's Day, and I'll be writing a separate post about the zine itself, the events at the workshops that we ran and also the launch party, but for now, please visit the our blog and facebook page for more information.

Back onto the Lolita Challenge ! I loved writing todays.. there are so many things I love about this fashion.

Day 2 of the 20 Day Lolita Challenge question is : 10 Things you Love in Lolita !

1. I love rabbit print dresses ! I have so many prints with rabbits on, or are rabbit themed. Probably my favourite of these is my BTSSB Milk-Chan and Snow Strawberry JSK, it's just so adorable. This also extends to accessories, bags, coats, every day items that have nothing to do with lolita whatsoever.. I love rabbits a whole bunch haha.

Juliette et Justine's Cadre du Lapin JSK

2. One of the first things that first made me fall in love with lolita was the attention to detail, on every piece not just JSKs and OPs. The very first blouse I ever bought was from Innocent World, and I knew that it would be as excellent in terms of quality as every other brand piece I'd ever bought but I was honestly blown away to find that it had as much detailing in as any other item I had. Everything from the detailing on the ends of waist ties, to lace with teddy bears on, to hidden bows that you never spot on stock photos but you discover upon opening your much anticipated order.

3. Another of my favorite things within the lolita community is indie brands and handmade items ! I love the opportunity the fashion gives the people who wear it to take up other things they may have an interest in, such as DIY crafts, knitting, jewellery making, dress making.. the list goes on ! Also, I think having a one-of-a-kind handmade item in any coord makes it that little bit more unique and special, not to mention the excitement when you find something that finishes your outfit off perfectly. I feel like a lot of indie brands are also really good at pushing for new boundaries within the fashion, and exploring it in a way brands might not be.

4. Of course, I love the community within lolita ! ~giant mushy paragraph warning~ I suffer quite badly with anxiety problems, triggered by various other health endeavors, and the community has defiantly helped me to deal with and, in some ways, overcome a lot of my feelings of anxiousness. Two years ago, I was defiantly not the kind of person who would be excited about meetups, or want to get involved in organising projects, but getting involved with people in the community has almost transformed me completely. Every person I have met who is active in the community, be it in real life or online, has always been so kind, warm, helpful and friendly, I've never been made to feel more like I was welcome. I used to only wear lolita in the confines of my bedroom, and heading out to meetups in a full coord was simply out of the question ! Now, I'm excited every time I hear of one in my area, and I hope to be even more active and involved within the community in the future.

5. Boots ! I love when people incorporate boots into their coord, I think they just give a totally different feel than other kinds of shoes like Tea Parties or RHS. I'm a sucker for big stompy boots anyway, but pairing up a frilly dress with a huge pair of boots is just too good of a juxtaposition to overlook. Also, here in the North of England, the winters are particually unforgiving, so not only do boots look wonderful with lolita, but they provide some much needed warmth in the colder months.

6. Kind of in the same vein as indie brands/handmade items, I also love how customisable lolita is. Of course, there's the basic rules and each sub-style but the way people take the opportunity to push these in new ways is really exciting. I especially love when people fuse lolita together with a different style altoghter, such as mori kei or cult party kei, the results of this are always super interesting and often give way for new trends within lolita itself. I love seeing peoples individual takes on the fashion !

The wonderful SugarPlumHime in a Cult Party
olita mixed coord

7. Of course, I love the way wearing lolita makes me feel. I dabble in lots of different styles and fashions, but lolita has to be my favourite of them all.. there's something about putting on my favourite coord and just instantly feeling magical.

8. Similarly, I love chatting about lolita - hence my blog in the first place - with anyone, from people who 1000% know their stuff, to young girls who are just starting out, to strangers in the street who show an interest in what I'm wearing. The latter is probably my favourite though; I love when people come up to me brimming with interest about my dresses or wigs or even shoes. I know lots of people get worried when they are first starting out about going out in public, but honestly all I've ever received is compliments, and you would be surprised how genuinely interested people will be. In the wise words of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, "I just wear my fashion with pride and confidence, I think that's the most important thing".

People will be more supportive of you in lolita thank you think ! 

9. I really, really love coords that use very pale colours such as off-white, creams, pastel pinks and lilac. I've never really put together a more pale coord outfit before - most of mine always end up being very dark or obnoxiously pink - but I'm planning on doing so in the future !

10. My biggest guilty pleasure in lolita is guro lolita. However, please don't think of all the trite images surrounding this sub-style that inevitably crop up - red on white and eyepatches everywhere ! I'm more interested in the idea of "broken dolls", and I've been trying to get my perfect guro coord together for months.. think, old Victorian medical equipment, band-aids and also printed dresses, which I have never seen used in guro lolita (but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong !) I love the idea of fusing sweet and guro together. Hopefully, in the next few months, my perfect guro coord will be completed and we can see if the fusing of two very different substyles would really work ///evil cackling and lighting flashes///

There were so many other things I wanted to mention in this list, keeping it to ten things was so difficult ! I think I might have gone off on a few tangents there but I could honestly talk about lolita forever 

Next Challenge : 10 Things You Hate in Lolita

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