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30 Day Lolita Challenge : Day 1

Hello, friends ! 

I love doing silly little challenges like this, so what better way to reintroduce regular blogging into my daily life than to do one ! Of course, I wanted something lolita-related and Alanah had recently started the 30 Day Lolita Challenge - perfect !

It starts with 10 Things in Your Lolita Bubble.. enjoy !

1. I was introduce to lolita through three of my very favourite and, in my opinion, some of the best artists ever to grace the online community - recently posting under TheCandyButcher, Antique and Saturnine but who I originally knew as Lee*Lee, Kaz and Kur, respectively. This was roughly ten years ago now ! I wasn't able to get into actually wearing lolita for a long time after that however, mostly for financial reasons, which I'm actually quite thankful for because it means I spent about five years doing online research and ultimately bypassed my ita phase completely haha. As a downside tho, this does mean that there are lots of old-school dresses that I am desperate for from back in the early 2000s which are now incredibly rare/impossible to find.

eg: Meta's nurse OP ;__________; one day !

2. Yes, as previously mentioned, I never went through an ita phase ! As much as this sounds like a shameless brag, it really isn't ! I love when people tell me stories about their awful first coords with clashing colours and other such disasters, I wish I had some of my own to tell ! I think making mistakes and learning from them is a really big part of putting successful coords together in the future. That being said, I only managed this because I literally knew the fashion inside out by the time I actually had chance to wear it and was hugely aware of what mistakes could be made for a first time wearer. This also doesn't mean I never make mistakes in lolita ! I look back at coords all the time and spot tons of things I wish I'd done better. It's all about improving.

3. I'm a really, really huge hoarder and I love starting collections. I think for me this is one of the major appeals of lolita fashion - hunting out different dresses and items to build up your own personal collection.

4. Outside of lolita, I really enjoy wearing other styles such as dolly kei, mori/black forest mori kei, cult party kei, hime gyaru, pastel goth and more recently I've been dabbling in fairy kei, but I like experimenting with all sorts of styles and mixing them up from time to time.

5. I love crafting, which comes in very handy for a lolita ! I often spend my time knitting, sewing and doing crochet and sometime in the not too distant future I'd like to expand these skills to include dressmaking //rubs hands together greedily.

6. Another trite lolita thing that tickle my interests is tea. My housemates often make fun of how much tea I have, and my friends like to remind me of that particular scene in Scott Pilgrim on a fairly regular basis. I've recently had to upgrade and dedicate an entire cupboard in my kitchen to my tea collection. In the same vein, my mother and I collect vintage teasets together, so a teaparty at my house is always quite the occassion !

7. I don't own Sugary Carnival, but I really wish that I did ! I don't think my wardrobe would be truly complete without it haha. If I see it on the comm sales lj anytime soon and I'm not saving for any other dress I will definately be snapping it up.

8. Dresses I currently am saving for are Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party JSK in either red or sax, Wonder Story JSK in red and Marshmallow Bunny JSK in pink. I'm in the middle of a bit of a love affair with Angelic Pretty at the minute after loving Baby for so long 

 Images found on Hello Lace

9. I nearly always buy my items second hand, I own very few pieces which I have bought directly from the brands themselves. I pretty much spend all my time stalking the comm sales page, facebook selling groups and Closet Child. I love finding a good bargain ! I recently purchased Angelic Pretty's Happy Garden OP set for around £100 which I was very pleased with.

10. Finally, some of my favourite lolita inspirations : Pixie Late, Xylia-X, Realistic Sweet, Cadney, Alanah, Lanii, Josephine, Mina, Peachie and of course Misako Aoki !

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Day one down ! This challenge has lots of interesting questions and opportunities to talk about lolita-related themes, I'm very excited to finish it all ! Please do let me know if you are taking this challenge too

Next Challenge : 10 Things You Love in Lolita

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